Mooncrew Voyages Volume 1

Featuring The Grey Man, Reverie, The Magnum Carta, Sweez, Obeygrey, Kickshifta, Medicine Place, Badman, and more..


Mist - Ancient Gods EP

The Earth begins to shake, the ground rumbles, plankton and amoeba all turn to the sky and what does appear? Mist, with his Ancient Gods EP - rip roaring deep dubstep vibes to take you to the center of the planet and back again.


Seapage - Jungle Runner

A mysterous figure, shrouded in algae and swampy water: Seapage is here to remind everyone about what lurks below.



Mooncrew Unlimited is focused on providing an eclectic, top-tier selection of bass music songs from around the globe.

Voyages Volume 1

Featuring The Grey Man, Reverie, The Magnum Carta, Sweez, Obeygrey, Kickshifta, Medicine Place, Badman, and more..

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Obeygrey - Warning, Chemicals!

OG is back with a big, bad, bass, bombaclad.

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The Grey Man - Are You Sorry

With a crack of lightning and a sudden darkness – TGM is back with a heater just in time for Halloween..

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Sweez - Don't Stop EP

Sweez is back again with a glitch hop extravaganza, keeping us all on our toes into the night!

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Hip Hop, Funk, and Bass is what Sweez is all about. His mid tempo beats are always groovy; and his live sets are packed with crazy bass sounds and classic hooks, guaranteed to rock any party. You can also catch him rocking the mic on several Classic Hip Hop radio stations across the United States (under the name DJ Sweezy).


OG is a Cedar Falls, Iowa based music producer with over ten years of bass weight under his belt. Sharing the stage alongside genre staples like Skism, Crizzly, Karasho, Pleasure, Mayhem, DJ StarScream, Borgore, Timeflies, Ganja White Night, and more – og has been bringing his unique combination of hip-hop and low end waves to shows across the midwest. Co-founder of MCX.


Distilled from many years of work in various projects, the Grey Man is an exercise in refined darkness, accentuated minimalism and an experiment in noise.


With a penchant for shuffling drums and hard, driving basslines: Reverie is a Chicago based powerhouse with a decade of live DJ work under his belt. Ever the fan of throwbacks to days of technos past, Rev will build you up - and then drive you home - at 165mph.


TMC also hails from Chicago - a man with few words, and huge kick drums. Hang on tight as The Magnum Carta takes you on a journey into the depths of planetary systems and dark depths never to come back.


There's been rumors that something is brewing in Iowa City... some call it witchcraft, others call it Medicine Place. With a blisteringly unique style: merging deep dubstep with riddim rhythms, Medicine Place is here for a big, tall summer.


Mist is known for his deep and elate productions, and is currently one of the UK’s deepest and heaviest artists producing deep and minimal dubstep and some with a sort of melodic touch pushing out a unique and exciting sound. Influenced by the likes of Vivek and Dark Tantrums, theres no holding back his dark and minimal productions.


Badman is a dubstep duo out of the midwest portion of the United States. They specialize in a unique brand of bass music taking inspiration from Memphis style rap and dark old school dubstep. Badman has shared the stage with acts like Truth, Peekaboo, and Excision and played all over the states in places such as Infrasound Festival or at the Black Box in Denver.


An elusive man from Cedar Rapids; Kickshifta is the marriage of old-school purple dubstep and new-school 808s and swagger. Kickshifta will turn your vision purple with his crushing kick drums and electrifying, sizzling basslines.